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    1972 Antique English Anegre Combination - Official Staunton™
    1972 Antique English Anegre Combination - Official Staunton™
    1972 Antique English Anegre Combination
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    The popularity of Wooden Chess Boards

    The wooden chess board has become the most popular and accepted type of chess board worldwide. At the Official Staunton Chess Company, our range of wooden chess sets is extensive, featuring the best selection in Europe. Our high-quality wooden chess pieces are perfectly matched with our boards to create beautiful chess sets.

    Best-Selling Chess Sets

    When people search for their ideal chess set, they often look for a wooden one. Traditionally, chess sets have always been wooden, and today, most chess sets are still made from this material. Wood is ideal for chess pieces, and the finest and most expensive chess pieces are crafted from luxury hardwoods. We present the finest wooden chess sets, all stocked in our UK-based warehouse and ready for immediate dispatch. With the best wood combinations and meticulous attention to detail, you won't find a better selection of wooden chess sets in the UK or Europe.

    The Unique Appeal of Wood

    Wood has enriched our lives for centuries, used in everything from houses to musical instruments. There is a type of wood for almost every application, from guitars to table legs. However, in recent times, wood is becoming scarce, rare, and endangered due to environmental issues. This shift has turned wood from a substance of abundance to one of precious scarcity.

    Increasing Value of Select Woods

    Certain woods, such as Brazilian rosewood, are now so rare and valuable that they are kept in vaults and sold only for high-end uses like violins and luxury guitars. Our wooden chess sets are crafted from superb and valuable woods like ebony, rosewood, sandalwood, and sheesham wood. These woods are rising in price and dwindling in stocks due to deforestation prohibitions. Our range of wooden chess sets features numerous wood types, some rapidly increasing in value as stocks diminish.

    Exceptional Value Wooden Chess Sets

    Our range of wooden chess sets spans a wide price range, from under fifty pounds to several thousand. Even our budget chess sets are carefully sourced for their excellent quality and design. None of our chess boards are imported from China; instead, our budget set boards are all sourced from Europe. Whatever set you choose, you can be confident that the quality will be unparalleled.

    Larger Wooden Chess Sets

    Our range includes some truly large wooden chess sets. The definition of "large" can vary, with some considering a sixteen-inch set large, while others prefer at least twenty inches. Our wooden chess boards range from just over twelve inches to twenty-four inches, with a typical large set being over twenty-one inches.

    Timeless Wooden Chess Sets

    Wood has been the most popular material for chess sets for centuries due to its affordability, abundance, and ease of use. It comes in various colours, from pale cream to black, making it ideal for chess pieces and boards. Wooden chess sets are a cornerstone of our product range, with tens of thousands sold over the years. While we also offer sets in other materials, wood remains the most popular choice.

    Handmade Excellence in Wooden Chess Sets

    All our wooden chess sets are handmade. Our chess pieces undergo a painstaking process, transforming raw cubes of hardwood into fine, polished chessmen. Our chess boards also involve a time-consuming handmade process, taking up to three months to complete. Given the nature of our chess sets, mass production is not an option; they must be made by hand.

    Premium Wooden Chess Sets

    Determining the best wooden chess set is subjective, based on personal preference. However, we can confidently say that our range includes some of the finest wooden chess sets in the world. Crafted from the best woods using top production methods by experienced craftsmen, our sets have satisfied customers for over fifteen years. We are proud to know that thousands of our superb chess sets are enjoyed by players worldwide.