Wooden Chess Sets

A superb range of wooden chess sets to suit everyone from the luxury tag right to the economy range sets, we cater for all budgets, and our promise and commitment is to offer value without compromise on quality.  We constantly strive to reach and maintain excellence and it is worthy of mentioning the painstaking quality control we adopt here at the Official Staunton chess company.Make the right move, invest in the best, buy an Official Staunton Chess Set!

  • Owning a wooden chess set of quality is the main factor when deciding to purchase. Your choice is easy when shopping at Official Staunton, we retail only in the finest handcrafted and carved chess set of all types of wood including but not limited to Acaciawood, Sheesham wood Ebony, and the very rare Rosewood chess piece sets. Our Wooden chess set range caters to many styles and has abroad price range to engage all customers no matter what their budget. We constantly price match and check our competitors for like for like chess sets, boards boxes etc and we offer price promise if you find the same product cheaper elsewhere we will beat that price! 

  • Rest assured that shopping at The Official Chess Company means you're getting the finest chess products at the very best prices, add in free UK shipping, your money is spent wisely. Almost all our chess pieces are weighted and felted to give that fine heft of piece movement and to streamline your gameplay. Our wooden chess sets hold a 2-year guarantee against natural defects. You also have a no quibble 60-day return policy, so long as we are advised of your return within the designated time frame of 14 days. 
  • Our range of magnetic travel sets are also listed within this category, here we cater for many different travel sets; offering 7 inches to 14-inch portable travel magnetic chess sets with storage boards and travel pouch.  We have the lowest priced magnetic chess sets that kids love to play chess on and what better way to keep your child occupied on those long holiday trips?! 
  • Our folding magnetic sets are manufactured by The English chess company, Amritsar Branch, India. We have sourced our travel chess from India for over a decade. We also supply many high street stores with our fine range of travel chess sets, you will find our sets in the only dedicated UK chess store which is in our capital city of London. Most of our magnetic chess sets are built with individual piece slotted compartments, providing easy and protective storage of the chess pieces when not in play. 

The Timeless Beauty of an Elegant Wooden Chess Set A wooden chess set is known to be very durable, easy to mold into various products and is among the most common material used in the manufacture of quality chess sets. Antique chess sets, such as the ones found in museums are truly beautiful and timeless in their appearance. Even modern chess sets still make use of designs based on models from the past. You will not find an international competition that makes use of materials anything other than wood for a truly authentic experience. There are still more advantages to using wood. For example, the fact that they are more available means that it’ll be easier to find replacements should you ever lose a piece


Why Wooden Chess Sets Are So Popular

Wood is such a well-known substance in the construction of luxury chess sets not only due to its natural elegance, charm and flair, but also because it can be readily hand-carved into any kind of structure. It can also be easily stained for a more refined appearance or painted into a large variety of different colors. Due to the large variety of wooden chess sets available, you'll discover that these sets can be found at a wide range of costs, making them an excellent choice.

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