Staunton 1849 Reproduction Aged Boxwood & Natural Ebony Chess Pieces

Bishops Games

£599.20 GBP £749.00 GBP


Outstanding reproduction of a Jaques 1849 set, using aged boxwood and Natural grained Ebony 

The boxwood used is aged naturally, which has a deeper honey colour hue than that of new boxwood which s usually much paler

We are renowned for making superb reproduction chess sets and boards so it's no surprise that our latest instalment exceeds and delivers what can only be described as the finest Staunton design chess pieces ever reproduced. Our team of designers and craftsmen have reproduced a sublime Jaques set circa 1849. 

The attention to detail is incredible, the carving of the knights, in particular, is just superb. The finishing of these hand-carved and turned pieces is sublime. Our team has worked absolute wonders in recreating an early 1849 Staunton design. 

The set features a king-size at 4.4 Inches with a 2" base diameter. The pieces are core weighted and felted. The set is supplied with 4 Queens.

A signed company sealed letter of authenticity is also supplied. Invest in the best, an Official Staunton set will last a lifetime to hand down as a lovely heirloom or would make a fantastic corporate gift. 

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