Official Staunton Chess Sets based in the UK

We are very happy to be taking stock of some of the most amazing and elegant chessboards we have ever seen, from Sorrento,Italy. The intricate hand work necessary to get the quality finish to these amazing boards is of the...

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Chess Education at Schools ought to be Compulsory

A charity that encourages the teaching of chess is run by Malcolm Pein. Chess enhances maths, and makes children play better with their buddies. Are they right? Is chess actually what it's cracked up to be? Believe it or not  Armenia...

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Lewis and Staunton Chess Sets

We're pleased to be offering a great variety of Lewis sets. These pieces are produced using a good quality resin in forms produced from scans of the specific pieces. We've joined up a number of chess boards and our collection...

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Selecting the right chess set style

Chess a game of strategy with 2 players. It contains a game board with sixty four squares and sixteen chess players per side. This game is played by several million and is vie in tournaments round the world. Serious chess...

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